About us

iLand Technologies is an electronic design and development brand providing high quality and affordable Android OS mobile phones with great customer experience for developing countries

We believe buying a quality phone should not cost an arm and a leg. After working to combine quality with affordability and making smartphone available and affordable to everyone in developing countries, we are proud to introduce our GENESYS Smartphone lines, with GENESYS 3 as the latest device.

GENESYS brand is a sleek, durable, practical and quality phone with top of the line exterior finish, running on Android OS. Equipped with good battery life, quality camera for crisp-clear pictures, and a great customer after-sales services, you are in for a treat with the iLand brand.

We serve a niche market by offering a range of premium smartphones. From sleek metal bodies to top of the line exterior finish, our mobile phones represent the best of our abilities. We do this by using the latest in communications technology along with the right application of both exterior design and interior ingenuity. Presenting the best in mobile phone technology encompassing the essence of design and high-end quality we source the raw materials and handpick the design pattern.

Using a production line technique that is both efficient and practical, the end product is a testament to our ability and passion. Every inch of the design is well thought out along with the hardware and software is installed to match in order to provide performance and agility. At iLand Technologies, we do not just sell mobile phones; we design customer experiences.

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